Unfortunately Go4TheKill is no longer playable. The Panorama update broke an important feature (The custom UI) beyond repair, and due to low interest I've decided to not try and work around it. Thanks to everyone for playing and the good times!


No teaming in solo matches

If you queue up for a SOLO game you better play it SOLO, and do not group up with one, or multiple friends. Just like every other rule, this will reward you with a permanent ban.

No teaming in duo matches with players that werent in the same lobby as you!

Should be obvious.. i guess?

Don't leave matches.

While you can leave matches by typing !leave in the chat, which will start a countdown and afterwards disconnect you without penalizing, simply leaving the server after the round has started by yourself is penalized with a temporary queue ban if you are a repeat offender.

Don't cheat, script, abuse bugs, etc.

This one should be obvious. Any external assistance is punished with a permanent ban. Period. I don't care if you are only using a bhop script or some kind of cheat. Abusing bugs is a similar thing, it doesnt matter if the bug is "widely known". If it gives you an unfair advantage don't use it if you don't want to risk a ban.