Unfortunately Go4TheKill is no longer playable. The Panorama update broke an important feature (The custom UI) beyond repair, and due to low interest I've decided to not try and work around it. Thanks to everyone for playing and the good times!


WTF does "Something is blocking your connection to the server" mean?

This mode heavily relies on a custom UI implemented trough Motd popups. For this to properly work, a Websocket connection is established in the background. It is possible that this connection is blocked by some firewall and / or proxy of yours, which would result in you seeing said message. Another possiblity is that you've disabled htmlmotd's, which are mandatory for this mode to work (make sure cl_disablehtmlmotd is set to 0), or that your motd browser straight up crashed. Unfortunately, the latter is a bug that occasionally happens which I cannot fix as it's related to Steam / CS:GO itself. See the bugs & caveats link in the sidebar to get more informations in regards to this.

My bullets are not hitting!!

First off, are you sure that your shot was actually supposed to hit? When shooting, make sure to ADS, this means holding your right mouse button to "aim in". This will make your weapon much more precise compared to hipfire. Also, please keep in mind that this mod does introduce bullet traveltime, and bullet drop , so bullets drop as they travel trough the air, and only move so fast. Anyhow, Hitreg / Lag compensation / bullet simulation had to be customly implemented for this to work and thus could possibly face some unknown issues.

Can I partially pick up / drop stackable items like ammo?

Yes, hold shift while dragging the item or while pressing the loot / drop contextmenu entry.

How are points calculated?

Currently, points are calculated with the following formula:

pointsForKill = (50 - currentlyAlivePlayers) * ((1 + currentKills) / 2);
Additionally, the resulting points are multiplied by 1.02 if the kill was a headshot.

This rewards aggressive players since every kill gotten will make the following ones much more rewarding, simply "surviving" wont give you points. I've mainly done it this way because I am tired of campers. It will however likely change in the future. I am aware that the original idea of Battleroyale is to survive, but with this I am trying to bring some fresh life into the concept and will listen to community feedback.

Does the leaderboard reset?

Yes. on the 1st of every month (0 o'clock UTC+2) the leaderboard does reset (new month starts). Any match started in the previous month will count towards the leaderboard score from the previous month.

Skins plz?

While not planned yet, adding skins for stuff like the backpack, helmet, kevlar etc is technically possible. Maybe thats sth to do for the future if there is interest for it.

Are there any rewards / perks for scoreboard leaders?

Currently not, however in the future (if I should decide to implement that) i may give out skins depending on the leaderboard.

Whis is there no more than duos?

Players per game is targeted at 49, thus there already are only up to 28 teams in a duos session. 3-man groups will possibly be enabled in the future, but that would be the most i would see as "acceptible".