Unfortunately Go4TheKill is no longer playable. The Panorama update broke an important feature (The custom UI) beyond repair, and due to low interest I've decided to not try and work around it. Thanks to everyone for playing and the good times!

Bugs & Caveats

In rare occasions, CS:GO's internal Motd webbrowser will crash

Sometimes when attempting to open the Inventory / Map the window will stay blank, you'll see a loading cursor and you will likely get an error saying that steamwebhelper.exe crashed. Any attempt to open your inventory and / or map afterwards will result in nothing. This is only resolvable by restarting CS:GO and not caused by me / not fix-able by me. If this should happen mid-game unfortunately you will be unable to use those for the rest of the game (Until you restart CS:GO pretty much).
In some occasions Changing your resolution could possibly resolve it! If not you will need to restart the game.
To make this issue less likely to happen you can restart your CS:GO client every other game, or better yet after every game. This makes it much less likely to occur.

Workarounds (These only work when your connection is interrupted):

  • Type !helmet in the chat to equip a new helmet if you have one.
  • Type !armor in the chat to either equip a laminated vest / makeshift armor if you have one, or to craft a new makeshift armor (if you have the materials needed) and equip that afterwards.

When looking straight up in some locations the skybox bugs out

This is known, however I don't have a solution for this as of now. Just don't look straight up I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some hills on the map are too steep to walk up on

I've tried to patch as many of these as I could, but there's still some locations where you are unable to walk up on. Some of them are meant to be like this, others are not. This might improve in future versions of the map

Floating trees / rocks / ...

Yeah, same story here. I tried to patch most of these. The ones that i've missed will get fixed in future versions of the map

The screen does shake / twitch a bit when shooting

This could possibly change in the future. The problem is that recoil and spread are heavily modified in this mod, but its only done server-side. Since your client doesnt know anything about these modifications your screen will "reset" as soon as the server tells your client the "real" recoil / spread values, thus introducing some twitching.


Misleading / wrong bullet impacts

Unfortunately, there is no method of blocking / removing the bullet impacts predicted by your own client. While anyone else will correctly see the bullet impacts caused by your shots, you might see two impacts: One predicted by your own client, and the correctly calculated one from the server. To work around this, you will see two small yellow arrows for a second wherever a bullet of yours impacts (As well as the correctly spawned bullet impact). If you don't want this feature, you can disable it in your settings.

"You need to click into this window once before you can use X to close it"

When opening the Inventory and Map popups CS:GO unfortunately handles it in a weird way. After opening them nothing is focused, neither the popup, nor CS:GO (And I am unable to gain focus to the window using code), thus none of your key presses can be handled. The easiest thing to do is simply to always left click once shortly after opening the map or the inventory. Your cursor will always be in the center of the window, thus left clicking will result in no action being taken as its blank space in both UI's. There's no proper fix for this that I can implement.

Cannot switch Weapons with Mouse up / Mouse down

Due to the customly implemented loadout / inventory system it is unfortunately not possible to (correctly) switch weapons using the mouse wheel, meaning you explicitly need to use the buttons 1-5. Using the mouse wheel has undefined behavior. As you know, lastinv does also not work because it is used as a hotkey for bandaging. This might change in the future but currently is meant to stay.

When letting go of Mouse 2 (going out of ADS) your screen will flicker for a frame

Unfortunately it had to be implemented this way as otherwise the fog on the map would react super weirdly. This has really only gotten as bad as it is now after the recent update, before it used to be every now and then. Sadly I don't know a method to fix this yet.