Unfortunately Go4TheKill is no longer playable. The Panorama update broke an important feature (The custom UI) beyond repair, and due to low interest I've decided to not try and work around it. Thanks to everyone for playing and the good times!
Battleroyale in CS:GO done properly

With Go4TK my aim was to combine two games that I like: King of the Kill and CS:GO. It was mainly meant to be a challenge for myself to push the boundaries of whats possible with server-side only CS:GO modding. From the ground up i've carefully handcrafted everything, be it the map in itself or the plugin allowing for the actual gameplay to ensure the best possible integration.


Thought de_overpass was big? Think again. The entirety of Overpass can easily fit inside Go4TK's world... in just one of its 4 areas.

I've made use of a simple trick to increase the useable horizontal space on the map. While this does impact the game negatively ever so slightly, it pays off with a map about three to four times as big as Source would've allowed for otherwise, as well was helping with performance / optimization.


Eventhough the map is big, the performance in the most demanding locations is up par with the average performance of newer official maps because it was built with Performance in mind. Apart from the Environment and Foilage used for cover there is very little "unnecessary" detail in the map to allow for the best possible performance. If that is not enough for your system, dont worry. You can toggle your render distance from normal to low ingame, which will negatively impact you with less vision and visual artifacts, but should reward you with a performance boost.


Go4TK features a seamlessly integrated inventory and map UI to allow for the best experience and ease of use, as well as many more features like autorun, freelook, binoculars and many more.